31 Jan


Blog fail, again.

I’m behind. I committed to a dumb idea. I’ll try again? lol…

I’m back in school.
I’ll talk about my job later.
I got new hair. 🙂 Highlights… almost. It was so dark she’s breaking it up with a little color and then next time around it will be MUCH better.



17 Jan

There are a couple of people who I constantly text message.  Texting  is the main form of our communication, we both like it and it would be unusual to not get at least 15 text messages per day from these particular people. Is that sick? I can’t help it! Sometimes it’s just easier. It reminds me of when I would say, “That’s my school friend.” vs “That’s my real life friend.”

I always had those people whose names I knew and numbers I had but never actually hung out with them outside of school. So, I have “text message” friends. Although, I would actually hang out with them outside of texting and I do…

Anyway. Tangent.

Whenever I text someone who unusually doesn’t reply to me fast enough, I send them the message above.

Because I am
1. Annoying
2. Mostly funny


15 Jan

Ohhh, this kid. That face. Those rosy cheeks. That smile. That little hand pointing at me.
I’m melting.


15 Jan

I like this little sweater that I found for 11 dollars at Target. I’m trying to wear more color and different styles of clothes. I’m rather boring but maybe 2012 is my year.


13 Jan

I like the sky. Those colors are lovely.


13 Jan

Yesterday I was too busy to post. I hate when people say they are “too busy” to do such small things but yesterday kicked my ass. I guess there WAS time but I would have rather gone to sleep.

I took this picture the day before of myself drinking a Spinach smoothie in a wine glass.

It really tastes better that way.


12 Jan

I thought about taking a better photograph, but I wanted you to see that there was barely even room for my lunch on my desk in the first place. Feel bad for me. 😉

At one of the hotels that I work for, they have a Starbucks inside that offers employees 50% off on Wednesdays.

Today was such a busy work day that I walked there and brought my lunch back to eat at my desk.

A non-fat Dirty Chai Latte paired with a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce and sprouts and a tomato.

Aside from having to work so much, this was wonderful.