11 Jan

My sweet dog, Lili.

 My friend was working at the Lili Claire Foundation when she found this loving little dog outside of her office. After 2 days of trying to find her a home and no luck,  I adopted her and thought the name would work perfectly.

Doesn’t her hair look so unusual? She recently had surgery and her shaved head starting growing back dark brown hair! I wonder if it will stay that way or fade/shed away and go back to blonde.



9 Jan

I took this photo the other morning while I drove to work. 

Polluted sky and rides that look like they’re going to fall off the top of the Stratosphere at any moment.


9 Jan

I love to help my husband grade papers but I always feel guilty for laughing at some of their mistakes.

Well, not so guilty that I’m obviously posting it on the Internet.


7 Jan


Have you been to Sambalatte? It’s this great coffee shop in Boca Park. They’re famous for their Nutella Latte.

They have tons of coffee and tea options, a nice outdoor seating area and the inside is adorable.(Bookclub location?!)  I won’t even mention all of the cake-pops and desserts because I tell myself that they probably taste terrible.

My ass thanks me, I swear.


6 Jan

Ah, lunch. I always enjoy my free lunch at Aria. Although, there are tons of options each day, I always get a salad.

Although, in 2012, I need to keep things balanced which is why a delicious,chewy, chocolate chip cookie made its way to my plate as well.


5 Jan

Yesterday my sweet nephew, Leo,  turned 5 months old!  He absolutely kills me when he makes such serious faces. I can’t help but wonder what he’s thinking about.


4 Jan

I’ve had my Chi hair straightener for years and this morning was the first time that I tried to use it for curling my hair instead of straightening my hair.

Why did I wait so long?


I like that loose curl look. I wonder how long it’ll last today!

Learn somethin’ new everyday.