1 Nov

Today at work I asked my coworker, who has two children, what they’re dressing as to go trick or treating tonight.  She says to me, “we celebrated last night because I actually hate people.”

I catch myself staring at her without saying any words. It was an accident but, seriously? What do I say…that’s nice?

I’ll go for more questions.

“OH! What did you guys do last night?”

“I made them a scavenger hunt in the backyard. They found candy and stuff. My mom came over and took some pictures.”

Well, that’s nice at least. However, you have children. And your dislike for the human race, who probably act the same exact way that you do, shouldn’t make your cute kids suffer from celebrating popular traditions.

Especially because you still gave them candy, but you were just mean about it and made them actually look for it in your yard. You can’t take a tradition from a different holiday and make it your own. Reusing traditions? COME ON, YOU HAVE KIDS.

Apparently this isn’t unusual, considering we only got about 10 kids knocking on our door. My husband is a school teacher and most of the kids said they are going “TRUNK OR TREATING” at the mall, or a well-lit parking lot or a police station. I think safety is important, but I don’t think the tradition needs to change.

On the news they were advertising apps for your smart phone that show you all the registered sex offenders in certain areas. Yes, technology is beautiful and clearly we have way too much information at the tip of our fingers. That is understandable. However, I did get pissed when the newscasters said “make sure your kids have this app before they go out. Show them how to use the app so they understand where they are going.”

Those parents are even too lazy for a weak-ass scavenger hunt so they just send their kids by themselves with a smart phone and a sex offender app.

I can’t handle it.


2 Responses to “Halloween?”

  1. Rachel Del Grosso November 1, 2011 at 2:12 pm #

    That’s super lame. Those kids must feel left out when all their friends got to go trick or treating. It’s one night, get over it and go out with your kids for a few hours!!!

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