New life

13 Sep


I got a new job that provides me with a set schedule. Most importantly: weekends off.

I really have no clue what to do with myself. I  found out Thursday evening and I’m still in shock.

For the last four years, I’ve been working 40 hours a week (sometimes more) with benefits and had to check to see what my weekly schedule would be every Friday.

I did that for 4 YEARS. FOUR YEARS.

Sometimes it looked like this:
mon, tues, wed- 3-11, off thurs, fri, sat- 1-9, off sunday.
then the next week I’d work
then sometimes I’d work 9 days in a row.

Anyway, sleeping was hard. Routines were hard. Seeing friends and family was really hard. Working out was hard, etc. etc.etc.

Now, I’m taking a huge pay cut to make sure that I have a normal working life with lots of time to make plans and a routine and to see my family and friends more often because that’s what matters in life. That’s what’s in important to me.
I’m sad to leave so many wonderful people and so many friends over the last few years,but I know in the end this is going to be a wonderful thing.

right?! 🙂



One Response to “New life”

  1. Rachel Del Grosso September 14, 2011 at 9:22 pm #

    A normal schedule (ie. 9-5) has always been important to me. And yes, seeing family and friends is what life is about, not work!

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