6 Sep

I’m in the mood to give my house a total remodel. This task would be easier if I had a shit-load of extra money lying around. And since I don’t, being crafty and all, DIY,  would be the next helpful step.

I’m not rich or crafty.  DIY yourself blogs and projects make me ooo and aaah and wonder if I know anyone that can help me. DIFM. Do it for me.

Here’s the thing about my house:
I actually love it. Look at this open floor plan, those windows and that wood floor.
(This photo was taken the day before we moved in.)

That piece of tan/beige carpet that is lying right in the center of living room doesn’t move. It came with the floor and I hated it. I still hate it. It gets dirty so easily and it makes me feel like I need to arrange my furniture around that stupid rectangle. I’d like to place a fun rug over it but rugs that size are really expensive. I’m having a hard time buying a really expensive rug to put over carpet.  You know of a good place I can get some inexpensive but nice rugs?

The open floor plan is nice and so is the rest of the house. The location, however, is terrible. It’s so awful that I, after 2 years of living here, I still complain about it every single day. I live in Aliante and it takes me 20 minutes to get anywhere, and 35 minutes to get most other places. And when you actually hate where you live, regardless of how much you can drool over a big living room that is open to the kitchen, you tend to just not give a shit about your house.

(This is terrible.)

So, we’ve had people over about 4 times. I just BARELY put up some picture frames in the living room. I never gave in and bought a rug. (That carpet is lookin awful, by the way. ) 

(This is going to sound even more terrible.)

So, today, after setting up our brand new 55 inch television, I’m in the mood to make this damn house a home. I want to drool over my own house, invite people over and take a picture of a new rug. I want to sit on my couch, watch some shitty show on a big-ass screen and drink wine.

And I want a new coffee table to put my wine on. 

And my feet.

Help me.


2 Responses to “Remodel”

  1. Rachel Del Grosso September 8, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    I love home decor/DIY projects. I’ll probably be coming back to this blog religiously to see if you’ve made any progress 🙂

  2. Notes from McBotes September 13, 2011 at 2:45 am #

    YAY!! a new blog-reader!! 🙂 Awesome!

    Sorry to disappoint but the remodel update will happen soon. And by soon, I mean, HOPEFULLY within a month? LOL. 🙂

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